The CAP: (Part something or other) The Big Meeting by Bt

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DUW: The CAP: (Part something or other) The Big Meeting
by Bt

The BIG Meeting...

It was Chancellor Omarsnake’s turn to chair the regular weekly Deb U Council Meeting. He smiled benevolently at the women surrounding him and rapped the ceremonial gavel on a polished wooden block. His CAs, all attired in their harem outfits, clustered around him and sighed over the manly manner in which he called the meeting to order.

Chancellor Astraea called the roll and noted that LdyPegasus was absent. Calee looked a little embarrassed as she shrugged and said, “Sorry, I did try to find her but I think she and the rest of her CAs have gone on an extended vacation.”

“Would you please read the minutes of last week’s meeting, Chancellor Astraea?” Chancellor Omar intoned importantly.

“There’s not much to read,” Asty replied with a shrug. “We need more money! Several ideas were suggested: 1. We raise tuition. 2. We auction off another date with Hercules. 3. We raise tuition, again.”

“Thank you, Chancellor. Are their any additions or corrections to the minutes? If not they will stand approved as read. Yes, Bt. Did you have an addition or correction?”

“Not exactly, Chancellor but when we come to new business we CAs believe we’ve found a new and different source of funds which well might improve our cash flow problems.”

“Indeed, how very industrious of all of you.” Omar replied, while looking at his CAs and wondering why his adoring slave girls had failed to mention this new source of income to him. “Moving along then,” He continued, “Is there any old business?”

“Yes, Nanaea? Incidentally, it is nice to see you out and about again.” And Omar favored the chancellor with a snaky grin and eyebrow wiggle.

“Stow it, snaky,” Nan shot back at him. “That’s not gonna get you into my vault. Which, by the way, is at an all time empty level. What are we going to do about that?”

“Aaaahem.” Bt cleared her throat.

“All right, so much for Robertus’ Rules!” Omar threw his hands up in the air signaling surrender. “Women can be sooo difficult in a business situation,” he thought.

“I always thought that was RhodesRules.” Kel giggled and punched Chancellor Astraea in the arm.

“So, there’s no old business and no unfinished business so what’s this new business of yours, Bt?” Omar said with a look of pure defeat on his face.

“This.” Bt said, as she placed the ornate scroll invitation on the council table and with a flourish sent it spinning down the table to the chairman’s seat.

“Hmm,” Omar said reading the invitation. “Very interesting, Bt. What do you know about these grants they are talking about.”

“I’ve done a little research on it, chancellor, and the gist of it is that the government, as well as several private organizations have all this money laying around just waiting for someone to sign up and claim it. All they have to do is write a grant request and say what they want the money for and it just comes pouring in.”

“Pouring?” Nan said waking up a little from her Double-Chocolate-Cherry Chewie induced daze.

“Pouring!” Bt emphasized. “The institution of learning that writes the best proposal is the one that gets the money. It’s sort of like a contest. That’s what this conference is all about. They guarantee that they can teach anyone to write a winning proposal. That’s why we, the CAs, think you should send us to this conference.” Bt sat down then and waited for the discussion to start.

And it didn’t take long for it to start............

“Hmm, you did said this conference is in Lost Wages, didn’t you, Bt?” Hebea questioned as she furrowed her brow and assumed an expression of deep thought.

“That is correct, Chancellor.” Bt replied, with an innocent look. “Aha!” she thought, “I knew I could count on Hebes to take the bait.”

“I’m not sure it would be advisable, in that case, to send young inexperienced girls to a place like that.” Hebea said, almost choking on her descriptive words. “I really think it would be advisable for a chancellor to go, instead. Since I’m retired and have few duties, I would be the logical one to go.”

“Of course,” Bt agreed and then hurried on with the next part, “But since this is a series of classes which are presented at the same time, several people will need to attend. No one, not even a goddess, can be two places at once and we really need all the information they offer in order to be sure we get as much money as possible.”

Astraea had been uncharacteristically quite during the exchange between Hebea and Bt. She’d been thinking over the information she learned from Antares earlier. Hades, who was looking for grant money for re-education and rehabilitation, would be in Lost Wages at this very same conference. It seemed that while Tartarus was full to over flowing with malefactors, the Elysian Fields were getting over grown with weeds since there were so few good people to send there. Hades reasoned that a little post mortem re-education might even up the population in both places. Well, if Hades was going to the conference then Asty intended to be there too! Casually  she said, “My assistants can handle anything necessary for a few days so I’ll just go along with Hebea. Between the two of us we should be able to cover the classes. And have plenty of time leftover for play.” she added under her breath.

“That would certainly be a help, Chancellor.” Bt replied, “But, I believe the two of would have a difficult time covering all the classes even if you attended them night and day. You’ve both been working so hard lately you really deserve some time off. Lost Wages is a lovely city with many cultural events going on. You should take advantage of that while you are there.”

“Oh yes, and poor Omar needs to go too! He is so overworked and stressed .” Birdly chimed in as she massaged the chancellor’s shoulders.

“Oh Bird is right!” Alt Ladybug said as she ran a bare foot seductively up and down Omar’s leg.

“Cultural events?” Omar questioned, as he regretfully brought himself back to the business at hand rather than continuing to dwell on the ministrations of his faithful harem.

“Yes exhibits, modern art, musical performances, dance recitals that sort of thing, Chancellor.” Bt replied.

“That could be an advantage to the school, having its chancellors up on all the latest cultural trends,” Omar said with a very serious face. “I believe I should also attend this conference. If we split the classes three ways, we’ll all have free time to attend the other events.”

“Oh no you don’t, Snaky!” Nan exploded. “The gods only know when Peg will be back and you’re not going to take off and leave me here alone to deal with all those noisy, blue students out there.”

“Chancellor Nanaea,” Bt said with all the heat in her voice she could manage, “You can’t leave US here to manage things without at least one chancellor on campus. The students wouldn’t stand for not having someone officially in charge.”

“That’s easy,” Asty replied while mentally packing her bags. “We’ll just draw up a document putting the CAs in charge while we are gone. If anyone questions your authority just show it to them and threaten them with a week in Sal’s Detox. Jackie will be glad to take care of writing the paper, I’m sure.”

“Of course, Chancellor.” Jackie replied as neutrally as possible.

“If there is no more business, I declare the meeting adjourned.” Chancellor Omar said and tapped the gavel on the table to make it official.

Each CA in the room did a fist pumping YES! Of course, it was all internal. Letting the chancellors know, at this point in time, that they had been outsmarted could well prove to be fatal. 

The Plan was working perfectly.

to be continued....


Posted on Aug 18 1999, 08:35 AM

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